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LX Company is a family-owned manufacturing company in The China, specializing in precision machined metal products for the custom shafts, electronic hardware and screws etc. The company now owns and operates over 20 single spindle automatic screw machines, including TornosM7、MS7、R10、R125、Strohm125、Strohm255、KummerK20 and Secondary Operations Department . We can produce a variety of products made out of brass, steel, stainless, aluminum and alloy in large quantities.
We range from 0.3mm to 25mm diameter stock. 
Our goal of delivering quality parts, on time, at a reasonable price is the company's primary objective. Our machinists have been trained and are skilled in the use of this equipment. It is LX's philosophy that superior quality is obtained through the efforts of our machinists. The Quality Assurance Department's have Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope and optical comparators.We range from 0.3mm to 25mm diameter stock.
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Company address:
LX Precision Mfg Company
Electronic Road
Xi'an, Shaanxi
P.R. China
8 TornosM7
2 TornosMS7
3 TornosR10
3 TornosR125
2 Strohm 125
2 Strohm 255
1 Tornos Cam shaper

Our list of secondary equipment includes:
Cadillac lathe
Hardinge turret lathe
Burgamast turret drill presses
Bridgepot mills
Various mills, grinder and drill presses
Kummer dual spindle chuckers
CNC machining centers
Centerless grinding
Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope
Optical comparators.

 Shaan ICP 20009856NO-1